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Issue on last story fixed, if anyone had an issue with it. Read on :D

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ALSO****Obviously Jensen is a happily married man. If you continue, you're entering a world where he is not, in fact, committed to another human being. I do not... WILL NOT... write infidelity. Happy reading :) ****

You sat at the autograph table and played on your phone. Usually, it wasn’t allowed for volunteers to play on their phones while they worked, but since you were waiting for Jensen to get back from photo ops nobody said anything. You’d been working with him all weekend, and at this point the convention crew pretty much left you alone to do your job.

You knew that he was coming back when you heard screams that seemed to come in a wave from one end of the room to the other. You pocketed your phone, and started laying out headshots for people to get signed. There was only one more round to go before you were both done for the weekend. The line had been forming for over an hour now, as people left the photo booth and headed straight over to get their spot. You’d made polite conversation and answered questions about what it was like to work close to Jensen, but honestly, besides the convention itself, it hadn’t been a great weekend. Your ex had been sending text after text begging you to come back, after you broke up with him. You were done, and emotionally tired. So you’d avoided what social interaction with Jensen’s fans that you could.

When the people in line started to scream, you knew they’d seen him duck into his little curtained area behind the table. You poked your head into the curtain and nodded in Jensen’s direction. “You have fun over there?”

Jensen sipped a bottle of water and nodded. “My ass got grabbed more than once.” He sat down the water bottle and came through the curtain.

For about 15 seconds, you couldn’t hear anything but the screaming women. Soon after, though, you were handing out headshots, taking money, and being the con-goers’ worst nightmare as you rushed them through the line (a job that you didn’t enjoy, but that had been clearly laid out for you).

When the line cleared, Jensen helped you pack up the photos and you both headed to the safety of the bodyguard surrounded curtain room. You put the bag of photos in the corner and sat down on a chair, taking a deep breath as your butt hit the seat.

“Long day?” Jensen asked, taking the seat beside you.

“Um… yeah… you could say that.” You replied.

Jensen looked concerned. “You okay, Y/N?”

“Yeah,” You said, rising to your feet. “I just need whiskey and a comfy seat.”

Jensen stood and reached to embrace you. You met him halfway and hugged him. You’d hugged at the end of every day, and this day was no different. Jensen’s voice rose from deep in his chest, where your head rested. “It was really great working with you.” he said.

“Same.” You replied. And you meant it from the bottom of your soul. You were just so tired.

You parted ways after a few more goodbyes, and you headed to your hotel room, where you got out of your con-crud covered clothes and showered. After putting on some sleep shorts and a tank top, you brushed out your wet hair and washed the makeup off your face in the mirror before going to find the whiskey you’d stashed in your bag. “Ice.” you said to yourself.

You grabbed the ice bucket and went into the hallway. After filling the bucket, you returned to your door. Nearly tearing up, you realized that you’d left your room key inside the room. So you were standing outside your hotel room with a bucket of ice wearing no bra, and with no key to get back in. “DAMMIT!” You screamed. It may have been a bit much, but the anger you felt was hard to contain. You pressed your back to the door and slid down until your butt hit the floor.

You sat there for a few seconds, stewing, before you heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Part of you wanted to hide, but the other part just couldn’t bring yourself to stand up. So you looked up.

“What… what the hell are you doing down there?”

“Jensen.” You said. “Right, because this couldn’t get worse.”

He held out a hand, which you took to lift yourself off the floor. “What, you don’t like me?”

You sighed. “No, I like you. I just kind of hoped you’d never see me… like this.” you waved your hand up and down to illustrate your current state of misfortune. “And also, I didn’t know you were staying here. Or I probably wouldn’t have come out of my room like this at all.”

Jensen ran a hand through his hair and leaned back. “I don’t understand, you look fine. And I’m on the top floor, but the elevator door opened to let someone out and I heard someone yell, so I had to come see what it was about.”

You nodded. “Well… I locked myself out.”

“Is that all?” said Jensen. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

He walked away and came back a few minutes later waving a key card in the air above him chanting something about “saving the day.” You moved out of the way, and he inserted the card. The door whirred and unlocked. He opened it, and held it for you. “So…” he said, “Do you wanna let me come in so you can tell me about what’s bothering you?”

You sat down the ice bucket. “You can come in. But I’m not talking about what’s bothering me.”

“That works.” He shut the door behind him.
For the next couple of hours, you sat on the crappy loveseat in your room, shared whiskey and swapped stories. You steered clear of ex-boyfriend talk. You weren’t interested in his sympathy (even though you clearly had it anyway), but he was fun to talk to.

“It’s a guy isn’t it?” Jensen interjected while you sipped your drink.

“Okay, fine.” You gave in, “A couple of months ago I broke up with my boyfriend. And as of a few days ago, he won’t leave me alone. That buzzing that my phone keeps doing? All him. I don’t even have to look to know it.”

Jensen sat his drink on the table. “What’d he do?”

You reached over and sat yours beside his. “Lied. Like a lot.”

He just stared at you, wordlessly asking for more information.

“Okay, but you’re not allowed to judge me, Jensen.”

He shook his head. “Of course not!”

“So… I don’t… usually do well in monogamous relationships.” You swallowed nervously. This wasn’t something you discussed with people. At all. “I don’t sleep around or anything. I just don’t like being defined by a man. I don’t like that when you’re in a relationship, it’s this terrible thing if you flirt with another person, or whatever. So going into this, when it got serious, I told him that. And I told him that I didn’t expect anymore from him than I was willing to give. Only honesty. So if he felt the need to be with another person, just be safe, and tell me so that I know to get tested.”

Jensen was a little taken back by your confession, but he was hanging in there, nodding along.

“I found out that after two years of thinking that he was just a one-woman kind of guy, he’d actually been sleeping with multiple people.”

Now Jensen stopped you. “So let me get this straight. You said he could screw anyone he wanted to, all he had to do was be honest about it, and he couldn’t even do that?”

“Exactly.” You answered. “I got tested, everything is fine. But that’s kind the pinnacle of dishonesty. And I’m not interested in it.”

“Well, one, you’re obviously the coolest girlfriend ever. And two, he’s an idiot.”

“Kind of my thought, too.” You said, picking up your glass and carrying it to the kitchenette counter.
You sat the drink down and turned to find Jensen standing there. He reached to hug you, but unlike at the convention, where he’d waited for you to return the hug, he pulled you into him and squeezed you tightly.

You didn’t know if it was the contact, or the strength in his hold, but something about it made the anxiety in your chest fizzle out through your legs and feet. You held onto him, and listened to him breath, taking in the smell of cologne and whiskey. You hadn’t realized that just the release of tension had caused tears to form in your eyes. You weren’t sad, though. Just… relieved.

He released you, and you were slightly disappointed. You leaned back against the countertop and smiled up at him. “Thanks.”

He used his thumb to wipe a tear from your cheek, and then tucked your hair behind your ear. That’s when the air in the room changed. It was suddenly heavy with feeling. The tips of his fingers on your neck made the hairs on your arms stand straight. You reached out and took the hem of his shirt between your fingers, pulling him gently toward you until his pelvis rested on your belly. His fingers tangled in your hair and he held the back of your neck so that you had to look up at him. Then, he touched his lips to yours, so gently that you barely felt it.

Your breathing went ragged and shaky. You were suddenly nervous: Suddenly aware of who had just kissed you. You’d spent so much time with him over the weekend that he’d just become this other person. One that women fainted for when he walked into a room, but still… to you he was the guy that farted in the green room and scared other celebrities into the crowd without their bodyguards. But now… in this room… he was a stunningly handsome, green-eyed, god-like creature whose hand was sliding up the back of your shirt, brushing your cool bare skin with his warmth, and it was… entirely different.

Even moreso, he was also breathing raggedly. His heart was also racing. He was also nervous. Which just might have been the most endearing thing you’d ever seen.

The silence was deafening, but Jensen was the one who broke it. “I actually… wanted to do that yesterday. When we were in the greenroom. You know, after the fart smell and all the people were gone, and we were… alone.” His fingers trailed your spine.

You touched his chest and wiggled your body just a little where you could feel him growing hard between you. “Why didn’t you?”

“Honestly?” He said, “I just assumed you had a boyfriend, because of how much you looked at your phone. And I wouldn’t want to… disrespect you. You were so great all weekend, I didn’t want to repay you by acting like a caveman.”

You wrapped one arm around him back and pulled him closer. “And now?”

“Oh, now I’m definitely gonna kiss you.” He chuckled before he lowered his lips to yours again. This kiss was different, though. His grip on your back and neck tightened and he pulled you in. He teased your lips with his tongue until you opened your mouth. You tasted the whiskey and gum on his breath, as his tongue slid across yours. He bit your bottom lip gently, causing you to moan when you exhaled, which made him smile. He took the hand that held the back of your neck, and teased the bottom hem of your shirt. He knew exactly what he was doing when he rubbed his fingers across your belly slowly. Little bolts of lightning shot straight to your core.

He teased your neck with his teeth as he peeled the tank top off of you and kissed your collarbone. He rubbed one nipple and took the other into his mouth, sucking and biting it just enough that it rose to attention, then switched and did the same to the other, all the while tickling down your torso until his fingers rested on the waistband of your shorts. He waited, as though he were asking for permission, so you grabbed his arm and urged him to continue.

He took his time--so much time that it almost hurt--but when his fingers finally touched the lips of your pussy, you felt like you were on fire. He used one finger to tease your clit and you nearly collapsed into him.

He took his hand from your shorts, and removed his shirt. You admired his body as he kicked off his shoes and socks and stripped down to his underwear. He came back to you and kissed you again while he worked your shorts down your hips, then cupped your ass and pulled you up, where you wrapped your legs around him and kissed his neck. He carried you to the bed and laid you so that your bottom half was on the edge of it, then got on his knees and put your legs over his shoulders. “God you’re beautiful” you heard him say, before he licked and kissed your thighs and made his way close to the part of you that hungered for him the most.

He finally… FINALLY… licked you… and you moaned in excitement. His tongue trailed the inner folds of you, and then flicked across your swollen clit, causing you to jump. When he’d found the spot, he spread your legs more and inserted two fingers into you.

“Oh god yes,” You whispered.

He curved his fingers and started fingering your g-spot while his tongue worked tirelessly on your clit. It was almost too much. With one arm, he held you down, because your body was pulling away, but you knew you didn’t want to pull away. You wanted more. “Oh god, please… please don’t stop,” you begged. “Please.”

And he didn’t. The bubble in you was ready to pop, and you were just on the edge, until everything went white and your body convulsed as you came apart. “Fuuuuck, Jensen…” were the only words that you could manage.

When you’d finished, Jensen licked his fingers clean, and then kissed you. He pulled you further onto the bed and worked out of his underwear. You could feel him against you now, and you became excited all over again.

“I gotta ask, Y/N…”


“How do you…” The question trailed off as he kissed your neck.

“Mmm, like it, you mean?”

“Mmhm?” His tongue was running behind your ear now.

“I can show you.”

He stopped and gave you that classic ‘Jensen’ “oh really?” face.

In response, you pushed his shoulder until he lied flat on the bed. You straddled him, and then put his hands above his head. “Leave them there.” You told him. You kissed him, and then his neck, and his chest, while you rubbed yourself on his erection. When you couldn’t stand it anymore, you rose up and positioned yourself above him, and then slowly lowered yourself onto him.

He stretched you perfectly. He was large, but you were in control. Jensen’s eyes rolled into his head, and his knuckles were white from restraining himself. “I just want to touch you.” he said.

“You will,” you replied. You rode him slowly, steadying yourself with his stomach. He felt amazing, and having this beautiful, powerful man under your control was the icing on the cake. He grunted and groaned underneath you, and you felt his hips begin to rise to meet your strokes.

“Please, Y/N…”

“No.” you said. Being in control was fun, but that wasn’t really what you wanted. You wanted him to take control. “It’s your turn.”

Like a switch had been flipped, his hands shot up to your waist and swung you around until you were underneath him. He pinned your arms above you, just as you had done his, and started fucking you mercilessly. “Is this what you want, Y/N?” he said through gritted teeth.

“Y… yes… oh god…” you said. Instinctively, your hands searched for him, but he caught them and put them back above your head. You bent your knees and he shoved one shoulder under one of them and stretched it up, never slowing down. His hand tangled in your hair, and he pulled, sending shockwaves to your stomach. “Fuck yeah” you grunted. You were ready to come again, but you knew that now that he understood he wasn’t going to let you. He fucked you until you were riding that edge, and then he stopped, flipped you over, and slammed into you from behind.

You buried your face in the comforter. He hit against you over and over, filling you to the brim with each hard thrust, and slapped your ass hard. You screamed in pleasure. He reached around and played with your clit, and you tightened around him in response. He was measured, and deliberate, and you were burning from the inside out.

“Do you wanna cum baby?” He asked.


“Come for me, Y/N.”

He thrusted into you a few more times, and you came, clenching around him over and over. You knew he was close when each clench made him harder, and when you’d had  your final wave, he pulled out of you and turned you toward him. You took his dick into you mouth, and he roughly pulled your head back and forth. You sucked on him, and swirled your tongue around the sensitive tip until he screamed your name and emptied into you.

You swallowed the salty cum and smiled up at him. After you’d both cleaned yourselves up, he laid on the bed and held his arm out so that you could lay with him.

“I… I didn’t expect that, Y/N. Honest.”

“It never occurred to me that you did, Jensen.”

“We need to exchange numbers. That definitely needs to happen again. With handcuffs.”

Your, now sore, pussy twitched at the thought. “I’d like that.”
Jensen X Reader: Working Together (NSFW/SMUT/18+)
You work with Jensen at a convention and make a connection. 

FOR YOUR BEST READING EXPERIENCE: Download the Chrome extension "InteractiveFics." It changes the Y/N pseudonym to your ACTUAL name. Highly recommend!
I see you few watchers ;) How about a new fic soon? What do ya say?
I accidentally favourited one of my own deviations... smh, guys. And I can't undo it! WTF.
Imagine: You’ve been a minor character on Supernatural. Your character has since been terminated, but you’re now attending your first Supernatural Con as a celebrity guest. The following story is what happened at your panel with Jensen and Jared.

You were nervous, but you’d already signed about a million autographs and hugged about twice as many people, so you weren’t as bad off as you thought you’d be. As always, they’d introduced you with upbeat classic rock music, and the boys had come out and danced around, making the ladies in the crowd squeal. You knew the feeling. You started out as a fan, so you couldn’t blame them for their excitement.

The moderator introduced you, and the crowd cheered for you. “So,” said the moderator, “Your first Supernatural Convention. How is it so far?”

You smiled at the crowd and laughed a little bit. “Overwhelming. I honestly didn’t think I’d be so well received, considering my… you know, my story line.”

“So, spoiler alert:” Said Jensen, “Her character completely screws both of us,” he gestures toward Jared, “Figuratively… and literally. She’s a terrible person.”

Jared chimed in. “Her character, not her. Y/N is awesome.”

“Thanks?” you respond. “Anyway, yeah, considering that, I mean, I think I expected a lot of spitting and throwing things.” The room filled with laughter. “But no, it’s been great though.”

The banter went on for awhile, and then finally the fans started lining up to ask questions. You were nervous. You knew there would be questions directed at you, and there were certain things you could and couldn’t say. After a few questions, it finally happened.

A girl in her 20s walked up to the mic and looked right at you. “This question is for Y/N. Was it awkward at all, going from being intimate with Sam to being intimate with Dean? Or was it just like… you know, a day at the office for an actor?”

Jensen and Jared watched you for your answer. “Well,” you said, “Let’s get this out there: On-set intimacy isn’t really… intimate. There are cameras everywhere, one or more people telling you, you know, ‘turn your head this way’ or ‘your kissing too loud, chill out,’ so it’s not exactly… sexy. We also filmed them on different days, obviously, so it wasn’t like I jumped out of bed with Jensen and then into bed with Jared. So it wasn’t… weird… really. Or it wasn’t weirder than filming intimacy usually is, anyway.”

The girl accepted your answer, and the next one walked up to the mic. “This is kind of a follow up to that. I guess for all of you, or whoever wants to answer. I’ve always wondered, is, or was, there sexual tension between any of you before or after that?”
You looked to the boys, hoping they would answer. Jensen spoke first. “There’s always some sort of tension at first. It’s always a little bit odd.”

“Also,” said Jared, “In this case it was, I guess a little more odd, because you know, I left work and then went back a few days later and I was like ‘Ok, today I’m gonna kiss a girl that Jensen kissed. There are fan fics about this, I think.” The room erupted in laughter and suggestive whistling.

Now everyone looked to you. You searched for the right words. “I actually, I think, was just too nervous to worry about sexual tension.”

The girl asking the question followed up. “How so?”

“Well,” you said, adjusting in your seat, “This was my first time filming something like this. So I was really just nervous. But these guys, they were great. As respectful as anyone can be when they’re pawing at you like cavemen.” Everyone laughed. “And at the end of the day, it’s work. I can’t take it too seriously.”

The questions went on for a little while longer, with only a few directed at you. Most wanted to know what they guys’ favorite pick-up lines were, or what the latest on-set prank had been. You were fine with that. It was down to the final question, and an attractive brunette woman approached the mic. “This one is for everyone. I’m surprised nobody asked this yet. If you weren’t married, and had to choose an actor from the show to date, who would it be?”

All three of you contemplated for a moment, and you heard the entire room begin saying “Oooooo!” You looked up, and looked to your left to see Jensen staring at you with a big goofy grin on his face. You tried to hide your face by turning the other direction, and found Jared on your right, doing the same thing. So, red-faced, you looked at the floor. “Guys!” you yelled. “No. No no. No. You guys are so freakin’ weird.”

Jensen pretended to be hurt, and asked, “Okay, who would YOU choose, then, Y/N?”

You decided to play into the crowd narrative. You stood from your stool, turned to face the boys, and made a ‘come here’ motion with your finger. They both approached you, and you spoke into the mic. “Turn.”

They both spun around 360 degrees. The crowd squealed.

“I could never choose, guys. I’d have to have you both.”

The audience erupted in cheers and laughter, and the guys both hugged you.

You all said goodbye to the audience and walked off the stage holding hands. You were just happy to have made it, mostly unscathed, through your first panel.


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